Why VR training?
High impact: interactive lifelike immersive scenarios.
100% Focus: no distraction with VR goggles and headphones on.
Engagement: increase of involvement and motivation.
Flexible: unlimited practice anytime, anywhere.
On the job: less disruption of daily work routine.
Safe environment: no social pressure, little physical risk for trainee and/or damage to expensive equipment.

Virtual reality is a medium, not a gadget.
A VR training focuses on what you do, a traditional training on what you know. All learning psychological principles can be applied in VR. Attracting attention, evoking emotions, acting instinctively, testing skills and evoking knowledge. Our VR training courses offer safe, lifelike simulations. Scenarios for every conceivable practical situation and location. Effective, with the same conditions for all participants and cost efficient.

Benefits of VR training
Reduce TCO and increase ROI:
– fewer training hours needed, but up to 40% better remembered.
– training in the workplace, cut in travel costs.
– reduced loss of work hours.
– simulate complex situations, for example in a group context.
– actors and location only have to be booked once.
– the same training can be done by many more employees in the organization, anywhere in the world.
– increase effectiveness and skills of employees through the possibility of repeating and improving.
– increase of employees training satisfaction.
Valuable data: clear and direct insight into answers and scores via clear reports and analyzis.
Distribution: quick and easy via VR app and goggles.

Possible training
Customer service, hospitality, aggression, armed robbery, security, (crisis) communication, job interviews, difficult workplace conversations, leadership, sales, engineering, integrity and compliance.

We develop tailor-made VR training courses.
Together with the client, we first determine the learning objectives of the training. What do we want to know and what do we want to measure? Where necessary we involve experienced partners with expertise in areas such as e-learning, training and assessments.

Existing procedures
In addition to customized work, we also convert existing procedures and training programs into interactive VR training scenarios.

As a WARP expert, we also use WARP Studio.