In 360° VR you are placed in a lifelike, simulated reality and you experience the sensation of feeling physically present in a scene. Without distraction and therefore completely focused. This evokes real emotions and you will react in a natural way to what is going on around you.


Making people grow and excel: MTVR offers people the tools to be better prepared for new challenges. This gives them the confidence to improve themselves every day and to get the most out of themselves.

Whether this is in a corporate, educational or governmental environment or in a healthcare organization.

A VR experience is overwhelming and magical. You can experience every simulated situation or visit every location. Your brain makes you believe that you are physically and even emotionally present. That is why you react instinctively and intuitively, just like in real life.




Effective training with pleasure through lifelike experiences in Virtual Reality. Together with the client, we convert existing procedures and (training) programs into interactive VR scenarios or we develop customized VR applications.

Interactive, data generating & data driven

We produce interactive VR applications and 360˚ videos, which give our customers clear insight into user behavior and choices. Our goal is to go beyond the wow effect by bringing added value with relevant, controversial content and creating new communication channels.

Our role

Consultancy:  We conduct research, provide advice and support in the field of the implementation of Virtual Reality within your organization. We take VR and your organization or product to the next level.

Production: MTVR takes care of the production of professional high-end 360˚ content from A to Z and provides a cinematic immersive experience: development of concept, storylines, characters and script, production, casting and direction. Camera, (spatial) audio, stitching, edit, color correction, audio editing.

We provide technical guidance and development of the necessary VR tools, backend and Apps. We develop and publish applications, including for Oculus Go & Quest, Pico, Android and IOS. As a WARP expert we make use of WARP Studio, among other things.


MTVR is part of Moving Target Media. We have many years of experience in the field of video and television production, storytelling, script development, online gaming and web development. Together with our partners we deliver complete interactive VR solutions.


February 18, 2021

VR as a learning tool yields surprising benefits. Read more >>

By Patrick Dierdorp

Client reviews
MTVR has developed the first VR assessment in the Netherlands together with us. It soon became clear that with MTVR we had found the ideal party: not only because they deliver perfected quality - the credibility of VR is in the details - but also because of their creative ideas and their proactive thinking. In short, with Bart and Patrick you get real professionals who do not act as a supplier but as a partner.
The VR experience 'De Luizenpleegmoeder' was a beautiful and innovative concept. A top performance, both in terms of content and performance, resulting in a professional and surprising new means to remove prejudices about foster care. We are pleased that foster care can now also be viewed from a different perspective. Thank you!
The VR story was very well received by the participants. Both the culture session and the use of VR for on-boarding new employees by taking a look at our chain (for example the mailing center) were received enthusiastically.
Ed Spitteler
Expertiselead Outbound Customer Communication ING