Anyone who works in a politically sensitive environment regularly has to deal with considerations that presuppose ethical behavior. Whether you work for a ministry, a municipality or an implementing organization, in daily practice you will have to deal with integrity. This starts with recognizing integrity problems, followed by recognizing that they exist.

The starting point of our training courses is the work culture of your organization and the associated work processes. We zoom in on the areas of tension and dilemmas to determine how big (or small) the chance is of damage to the reputation of your organization, of financial damage or even of a whistleblower affair.


Our training courses are interactive. We use various assignments that you work out on the spot or between the different modules, individually or in groups. With VR glasses and 360 ° video, we place you as a participant in lifelike practical situations and you experience in digital role-plays what it means to be confronted with integrity dilemmas and how to deal with them. In addition, we work with group discussions and videos to allow you to optimally experience what a lack of integrity can lead to.


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