Anyone who works in a politically sensitive environment regularly has to deal with considerations that presuppose ethical behavior. Whether you work for a ministry, a municipality or an implementing organization, in daily practice you will have to deal with matters of integrity. This starts with recognizing potential integrity issues, followed by recognizing that they exist.

Prevent financial and
reputational damage


The starting point of 360Integrity training courses are the culture at the workplace of your organization and the associated work processes. During the training, we zoom in on tensions and dilemmas to determine how big (or small) the chance is that your organisation may suffer from reputational or financial damage or even may be confronted with a whistleblower case. Our practical approach helps ensure that you, your team, department or organization will be well equipped to promote integrity and apply the lessons learnt within your own context.

What considerations do you make?
On what basis?


Openness to debate integrity- Safety - Transparency - Communication about your approach
Room for the individual employee - New public management
Enforcement & prevention
Individual integrity of the manager and the employee - Code of conduct


Our training courses are interactive. We make use of various assignments that you will work out on the spot or between the different modules. Individually or in groups. With a VR headset and 360° video, we will immerse you as a participant in lifelike practical situations. In digital role plays you will experience what it means to be confronted with integrity issues and dilemmas and how to deal with them. In addition, we work with group discussions and videos to allow you to optimally experience what a lack of integrity can result in.

In virtual reality, you are fully immersed and therefore totally focused on the scenario without being distracted and you immediately feel part of the situation.
As a result, you react in a natural way to the situations shown. You learn to recognize dilemmas, you get emotionally involved and experience how you can react under pressure. You will have to make the right choices that require acting with integrity. Something that often is less simple than it appears to be.

Each participant individually will go through the same scenarios and will be confronted with the same choices and this will form an interesting starting point for the follow up programme with short introductions, work assignments and group discussions. What choices have been made, why and what other options exist? How can you discuss integrity and related issues in a constructive manner? You learn to create better conditions for a safe working environment and how you can use it to set an example for other organizations.

Widely applicable

Because the VR modules can also be used separately from the training programme, it is possible to introduce many more people to how the organization deals with the theme of integrity through the virtual reality cases. Going through the VR scenarios can be done flexibly, at any time of the day and at any location: at the workplace or even at home. Clear reports and analyzes provide direct insight into the answers and choices of these employees, and integrity issues become visible and measurable. Integrity can be discussed between colleagues.



Servaas Feiertag, LL.M, MSc.

Works as an international consultant in various roles. Servaas is sometimes hired as a senior expert for his technical knowledge and skills in an advisory role or as a researcher to conduct applied research. In other projects, as a trainer, he develops training materials and provides professional courses for senior staff of public institutions and civil society. Servaas also leads international teams of experts as a team leader or lead expert. “I feel happy and at ease in all these different roles and really enjoy the diversity of my work. It keeps me fresh and motivated to learn and develop myself, while being able to work with many interesting people in different circumstances.“

More information:


Len Middelbeek

International trainer, journalist and communication expert. He worked for more than twenty years as a journalist, eleven years of which at the Dutch national  NOS News (foreign editor, youth news, editor-in-chief) and twelve years at RTL News, of which he was one of the founding fathers in 1989. For RTL he was deputy editor-in-chief, correspondent in Germany and political reporter. He was deputy director of communications and spokesperson at the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. Between 2008 and 2015, he developed and led the international communication education at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. Len has worked for the government (ministries and numerous agencies) in the Netherlands and abroad for many years. Len is a senior expert in dilemma and integrity training.



Blended learning


Covid proof

Training for employees
or department

2 days, 6 - 10 participants

Management training

3 sessions of a half day, 6-10 participants

VR modules

can also be used independently, unlimited number of participants

1. Training for employees or department

2 days, 6-10 participants

The content of the programme is determined in advance in consultation with the client, so that the training optimally matches the needs and work culture of the organization. The most important integrity themes are then worked out by us in the programme.

Day 1

General basic integrity training

Morning session

Introduction: integrity and integrity dilemmas
Virtual reality case: integrity dilemmas
Group work:  own experiences with integrity, dilemmas and reactions 
Discussion of the group work

Afternoon session

Introduction: a safe working environment
Virtual reality case: safe working environment
Group work: how do you create a safe
working environment and what do you contribute to it yourself?
Discussion of the group work
Concluding exercise or discussion

Day 2

Integrity crises, causes and how to effectively deal with them

Morning session

Introduction: what is an integrity crisis and how do you deal with it
Virtual reality case: integrity crisis
Group work: internal aspects and causes of an integrity crisis. 
How do you prevent repetition and how do you reinforce the organisational integrity?
Discussion of the group work

Afternoon session

Introduction: external aspects of an integrity crisis
Virtual reality case: external aspects of an integrity crisis
Group work: what are the main elements ofintegrity crises. 
What is the possible damage and how do you prevent repetition?
Discussion of the group work
Synthesis exercise or discussion

2. Management training

3 sessions of a half day, 6-10 participants

Management training courses are tailor-made and are determined in close cooperation with the client, so that they optimally match the needs and work culture of the organization. Example of a programme:

Session 1

Introduction to integrity and good governance

Presentation of the theoretical framework and trends in
public administration, especially political-administrative
Virtual reality case: integrity dilemmas
Discussion of the virtual reality case

Session 2

Introduction to a safe working environment

Emphasis on the role of management
Virtual reality case: safe working environment
Plenary session on the virtual reality case

Session 3

Introduction management of integrity crises

Role of management in recognizing and dealing with such crises
Virtual reality case: integrity crisis
Plenary session on the virtual reality case

3. VR modules

independently deployable, number of participants unlimited

360Integrity’s VR modules can be widely used and are applicable in the organization as a tool for training and coaching. To increase involvement and knowledge about integrity within the organization, other employees who have not followed the training days can individually go through the VR scenarios. Clear reports and analyses provide direct insight into the answers and choices of these employees and integrity issues will become visible and measurable.


Patrick Dierdorp

After a long career as a director and executive producer at the drama division of Endemol Netherlands, Patrick now develops communication films and VR productions with Moving Target / MTVR for both corporate and government organizations, such as the Dutch Police, the Ministry of Justice & Safety and the City of Amsterdam.


Bart Overes

Bart is creative producer and CTO of Moving Target / MTVR. He works on various VR and video projects for clients as VR Assessment, Dutch Police, ING Bank and Spirit Youth Care. As a managing creative in advertising, Bart was responsible for international digital & offline campaigns for Microsoft, Canon Europe and Rijkswaterstaat.

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