Simone Kukenheim, councilor for Healthcare, Youth (care), Vocational Education and Sports of the municipality of Amsterdam kicks off the VR campaign “Look at it through a different lens” in the Amsterdam city hall. In the VR experience “The Luizenpleegmoeder” she experiences in conversation with the well-known schoolyard parents from the popular Dutch TV series The Lice mother what prejudices there are about foster parenting.

From July 2020, Spirit has continued with De Bascule as one organization under the name Levvel.


A new campaign to recruit foster parents has started today. This time no commercials on radio and TV, but with a “virtual reality” experience through VR glasses. “The question ‘do you want to be a foster parent too?’ Really comes through,” says a visitor.

The virtual reality campaign will travel to schools and organizations in the near future. “With the VR glasses on, you are placed in the schoolyard of the popular TV hit comedy series De Luizenmoeder,” says Maaike Maas of Levvel, formerly Spirit, who initiated the campaign. “A mother with a foster child enters the square and a conversation arises, among other things about prejudices.”

The organization hopes to find and recruit new foster families with the virtual reality experience. “It’s tough, but fun,” says foster father Joram Frank at the  kick-off of the campaign. He takes care of two foster children with his partner, but he certainly does not feel like a hero. “No, it is not. Especially those children are brave that they dare to start over in another family. ”

The virtual reality campaign will travel to schools and organizations in the near future. The item that NH Nieuws made can be found here.

Source: NH-News

The VR experience 'De Luizenpleegmoeder' was a beautiful and innovative concept. A top performance, both in terms of content and performance, resulting in a professional and surprising new means to remove prejudices about foster care. We are pleased that foster care can now also be viewed from a different perspective. Thank you!
Connny Zeilstra
Levvel Foster Care