Optimize the candidate and employee experience and journey with use of Virtual Reality during the recruitment process. What does it feel like to be in the trading room of a bank or to experience the hectic pace of an incident as a police officer? After a VR experience, more than 90% of users indicate that they have a more positive image of the employer than before.

By using VR an organization can profile itself as a modern and innovative employer. Show the company in an interactive guided tour. Present future colleagues or let a candidate experience a specific work situation. We use the VR platform to ask candidates for feedback. Behavior and choices are mapped and displayed in a clear report.


VR assessments are lifelike, cost-efficient and offer equal conditions for all participants. In this area we work closely with Eelloo, Slim Assessments & Van der Maesen|Koch HRM advice, founders of VR assessment. They develop virtual reality competence and capacity tests based on proven methodologies.

Watch our introduction film about VR assessment (in Dutch)


Connect within organizations: meet colleagues at their work locations during virtual work visits, employee satisfaction surveys, integrity and compliance. We convert existing or new onboarding procedures into interactive 360˚ VR scenarios. New employees are welcomed and are introduced to the culture, colleagues, locations and procedures within the organization. They are trained quickly and effectively and will have experienced real-life work situations before their first day at work. This results in less pressure and stress during the first work period.


  • meet colleagues at other locations, anywhere in the world during virtual lifelike working visits.
  • Experience a different workplace and culture and share valuable knowledge throughout the whole company.
  • do an employee satisfaction survey through VR.
  • integrity and compliance.